We’ve got a treat today as Fen from MonAnnie Cakes is talking all things wedding cakes.

Wedding cakes and desserts are such a fun part of your day so I asked Fen a few questions about how to make your wedding cake more ‘you’, what to expect and what to ask you the maker of your cake!

She’s the best and I’m so glad you’ll get to hear a bit more from her!

Hi everyone! This is Fen from MonAnnie. I create bespoke wedding cakes and desserts for couples who want something stylish elegant and delicious.

With so much choice now, it’s not uncommon for couples to feel a little overwhelmed when deciding what to have at their wedding. Not to worry. Anyone you approach to help you with this should respond with kindness and a helping hand.

Here are some of my top tips when choosing your sweet wedding day treats:

How to make your cake more “you”

  1. Be open and honest about what you want. Really. Otherwise, how can you ever get it?
  2. If possible, arrange a tasting and consultation, as this would help you and your cake maker get to know each other. Nothing helps a partnership get going like connecting over tea and cake.
  3. Share any inspiration you may have for your day- colours, themes, pieces of fabric, photos, a mood board… let’s brainstorm together.
  4. Bespoke cake makers love creating items that are unique to you. If you have anything special that signifies your relationship that we can incorporate on the cake, please share it! We’d love to recreate it in sugar.
  5. Don’t feel limited to just cake. Dessert tables are incredibly popular and a great way to celebrate love in style. There is so much you can have, from complex French pastries to marshmallows- just ask!

What to expect when designing your cake

Most bespoke cake makers would have a face to face consultation with you and your partner (or someone else, if you would prefer). Usually this will be at their studio or shop, and will often involve tasting some cake (yum). Expect your cake maker to ask you for some of the flavours you’d like to taste before this.

Some cake makers send out samples for you to taste at home; if you would prefer this do ask.

Your cake maker will ask a lot of questions, such as:

  1. The number of guests you are having
  2. Whether the cake is the main dessert or not
  3. Your budget. The price of your cake will depend on the size and complexity of design. Designs with lots of sugar flowers or ruffles, which are usually hand crafted and involve hours of work, cost more. Some cakes which look very simple from the outside are actually quite complicated to create- do ask your cake maker about the specific logistics behind each cake.
  4. Any dietary requirements- everyone deserves to enjoy a delicious dessert, regardless of allergies or other requirements.
  5. Time of the year (it may affect what kind of cake you can have. Some products cope badly with hot summer days!)

What questions should I ask my cake maker?

As it’s your special day, you should ask anything and everything. Leave no stone unturned! Questions we would recommend are:

  1. Whether or not you can have “dummy tiers” as part of your design. These allow you to increase the size and presence of your cake, without wasting food.
  2. Can I use some of my fresh wedding flowers on my cake? Some flowers can be toxic and thus would not be food safe- your florist and cake maker can work together on this.
  3. There is a tradition of keeping the top tier of your wedding cake for your first child’s christening- feel free to ask about this.
  4. If your cake has sugar flowers, these will last many years. Feel free to ask your cake maker for boxes to keep these in; they make a great keepsake.
  5. How do I store my cake if I have leftovers, and how long will the cake last? This will vary depending on the ingredients in the cake (fresh fruit for instance will reduce your cake’s shelf life) so do ask.
  6. Can I have a different flavour for each tier? (The answer is usually yes- but always check)

What would I have if we were having a wedding cake now?

This is really tough!

I’d go with something elegant- probably a four tier cake with sugar flowers, and a different flavour for each tier. I’d also have a dessert table (I had more than a thousand people at my wedding and I’m not sure I’d have enough cake to go round).

Fen works wonders so if you’d like to get in touch with her, visit their website or check out their Instagram for more pretty!

Love, Anne

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