With wedding season well underway, I thought I would jump on and talk a bit about Day of Coordinators (DOC) and why you might want to think about hiring one for your big day this year!

If you’re getting married this year, whether in two weeks, a month, two months or 6 months, don’t panic, you absolutely still have time to get one onboard!

A DOC will be your saving grace if you don’t want to hire someone to plan your whole wedding! They are budget-friendly and will mean you can relax and have an expert on hand on the day!

The beauty of having a DOC is that you can hand over your plans before you wedding and let them take it from there so that you can enjoy the lead up to your big day; the excitement, the family and friends arriving, all the fun stuff! I would say that even if you want to do all the planning yourself, having a DOC is vital. It means that you, and your bridal party, can relax as well as having an expert pair of hands to make everything run to time and be there should anything need fixing.

They will check in with all your suppliers and talk about set-up schedules etc. for all your suppliers and bridal party to follow.

On the day they’ll be the first ones there and the last to leave. They’ll also often include the few days after your wedding in their package in terms of organising the return of any equipment and props and moving your wedding gifts, cards and certificate.

In short, having a DOC gives you the freedom to do what you want to do, make all your own decisions, plan your own wedding (make all your own decorations if you want!) but also have the safety net of an expert (and extra pair of hands) on the day. It goes without saying that this will be the most budget-friendly option and should you wish, during the process, most DOC’s are happy to alter your package to include a more hands on involvement in the process if you get a little overwhelmed – flexible and fun!

Get in touch if you want to know a little bit more or check out my DOC page in the menu!

Love, Anne

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