Why would you hire a wedding planner? I mean weddings already cost so much without adding in the cost of hiring someone to do what you can do yourself right? Well, I’m here to let you know why I think every couple deserves a wedding planner, and how you don’t have to spend that much on it either!

Once upon a time you either hired someone to plan your entire wedding or you did it yourself but, not anymore! I realize it can be quite daunting with everyone offering differing things so; I’ll try and explain the different between each one for you too.

First things first, I think that while most people underestimate the value in having a good planner/stylist, people are starting to hire them more so if you’re questioning why someone would have one then let me let you in to a little secret… You, and your bridal party, will have so much more fun on the day if there is someone else running around working out who needs to be where when, where the DJ needs to plug in, why the sweets for the sweet table haven’t been put out, make sure the kids get their milk and cookies and everything else in-between. And, make sure you are having the best time ever. Plus, in the run up to your wedding, they can provide an experienced opinion with creative decisions, recommend suppliers and give hints and ideas that you might never have considered but might just love!

The most important thing when hiring a planner or stylist, of any type, is that you get on with them! You’re going to spend a lot of time talking to them so they need to be your kind of person. It’s also important to make sure that they have a similar vision to you in that if you want a woodland wedding with tents in the middle of a forest somewhere, you probably don’t want to hire a planner who specialises in luxury weddings in hotels! Make sure you have a look through their photos, website and Instagram and you’ll get a feel for who they are. At the end of the day, a wedding planner/stylist will work with you to achieve whatever you want but it’s so much easier for both parties if you get on with your planner and they can grasp your vision!

Planners and stylists can help the world of wedding planning seem a bit less daunting, help you come up with ideas, give you ideas for a theme you’ve already got or help hone all those images you’ve seen and loved in to one coherent look and feel for your wedding. They may cost money but they’ll probably save you money with the hints, tips, shortcuts and suppliers they know and they’ll save you time, it’s a win win!

So, here are the three main types of wedding planners;

Day of Coordinators

Day of Coordinators (DOC) will be your saving grace if you don’t want to hire someone to plan your entire wedding. The beauty of having a DOC is that you can hand over six weeks before you wedding and let them take it from there so that you can enjoy the lead up to your big day; the excitement, the family and friends arriving, all the fun stuff! I would say that even if you want to do all the planning yourself, having a DOC is vital. It means that you, and your bridal party, can relax as well as having an expert pair of hands to make everything run to time and be there should anything need fixing. In the six weeks, they can also pick up on any little bits that you may have missed in all the excitement!

They will contact all the suppliers you’ve contracted and organize set-up times, requirements etc. They will often produce timelines for the rehearsal dinner, set-up and wedding day for all of your suppliers and bridal party to follow.

One of the other beauties of having a DOC is that if you book them at the beginning of your planning process, they will often give you a list of their recommended suppliers and some will have an initial design meeting with you to help you focus your ideas. Then they’ll step back and let you do what you need to do!

On the day they’ll be the first ones there and the last to leave. They’ll also often include the few days after your wedding in their package in terms of organizing the return of any equipment and props and moving your wedding gifts, cards and certificate.

In short, having a DOC gives you the freedom to do what you want to do, make all your own decisions, plan your own wedding (make all your own decorations if you want!) but also have the safety net of an expert (and extra pair of hands) on the day. It goes without saying that this will be the most budget-friendly option and should you wish, during the process, most DOC’s are happy to alter your package to include a more hands on involvement in the process if you get a little overwhelmed – flexible and fun!

Partial Planners

Partial planning is similar to having a DOC, but they are involved from about 3 months before and will be more thorough in terms of organising suppliers, they also have more time to pull together any new ideas you might have and so will have a bit more creative input. They’ll cost a little more than a DOC but will still be budget-friendly.

Full Service Planners

Full service planning is what it says on the tin – from after your engagement when you hire them to your wedding day! We know that time is precious and so full service planning will save you the most time! They’ll meet with you initially to discuss what you want your big day to look like and how much involvement you would like. Then they’ll plan your entire dream day from the rehearsal dinner to the exit you want, flowers, food, entertainment and everything in-between. With you every step of the way! They may be the most expensive of the options but they are also the most thorough. They’ll handle all logistics and budgets and will work with you on your creative vision. And they will then do everything mentioned above on the day. Put simply, they do everything!

Wedding Stylists

Wedding stylists focus on the look and feel more than the logistics of the wedding, they offer services from a one time consultation to working with your planner through the entire process. Stylists will work with you to focus your ideas in to a coherent vision, give guidance, tips and ideas or, if you have no idea what you want, work with you to create your dream day! They are full of creative vision and can help you pull of something magical. Some stylists work as planners too so they can do the whole package!

If you see someone you like the look of then have a chat with them, you’ll know pretty quickly if you like them, and they can provide you with their packages as well as talking you through their processes in a bit more detail. Remember – we are here to help you, we want you to love your wedding and will do anything we can to make that happen!

Don’t be scared to contact them, as a general rule, all of us wedding planners and stylists love to chat! Click here to chat to me or click here to have a look at my packages and don’t be shy – we would love to meet you!

So in summary – why wouldn’t you hire a wedding planner/stylist?! In whatever capacity you choose they will have your back and bring their expertise logistically and creatively!

Love, Anne

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