Wedding planning is exciting, overwhelming and can be time consuming but let’s take a moment to remember why you are doing this, you’re in love! And you need to prioritise your future wife/husband in the planning process as much as anything else. Make sure that you take time out for date night, and try not to talk wedding plans (hard, I know), this is only one day, you’ve got the rest of your lives together! With the help of a few friends, I’ve put together a list of 50 (okay maybe there’s a few more than 50!) date ideas for engaged couples, or date ideas for couples generally, to get you started, enjoy!!


And if you’ve got any others, please let me know and we can add them!


1. Have a picnic
2. Visit a museum
3. Play mini golf (with drinks and food in-between at somewhere like Swingers West End)
4. Go for a long walk
5. Make a fancy dinner together
6. See a live show
7. Go to a farmer’s market
8. Go and get ice cream
9. Play a board game
10. Get a couple’s massage
11. Create a bucket list together
12. Write each other letters to read after your first married fight
13. Road trip to the beach

14. Go for a bike ride
15. Take the love languages test (here)
16. Go for a scenic drive, just because
17. Go fruit picking
18. Go to a workout class together
19. Watch the sunset
20. Plant a tree (and take a picture next to it each year)
21. Visit a local brewery or winery for a tasting tour
22. Pick a food neither of you have ever tried and find a local restaurant to try it at
23. Have a bonfire and have s’mores
24. Go to a paint-and-sip class
25. Visit an escape room
26. Write all your accomplishments and things you are proud of on lolly sticks to keep as a reminder of all the great things you’ve achieved
27. Volunteer at a local shelter
28. Go camping
29. Each pick a family recipe to cook
30. Go to a trampoline park
31. Mystery cooking challenge – each buy ingredients for the other person to cook with and do a cook-off challenge to see who can create the best dish with what they were provided
32. Play tennis together
33. Take a cooking class

34. Visit an antique/charity shop and pick something that you can restore together
35. Appetizer tour (visit multiple restaurants during happy hour. Get an appetizer and drink at each one and move on!)
36. Have a spa night at home
37. Make a time capsule (although maybe not in a pringles tube like at school!) include notes to each other to read in the future and other reminders from your year
38. Make your own cheese
39. Have a water balloon fight
40. Go to the movies
41. Make ice cream
42. Watch a film in the park
43. Visit a botanical garden

44. Go for a viewing at your dream house
45. Recreate your first date
46. Go for a terrarium making workshop
47. Visit a roof top garden
48. Test drive your dream car
49. Play hide and seek in a gallery
50. Craft your own wedding rings
51. Hand make candles
52. Pick a favourite film each and watch them

Enjoy lovebirds! And let me know any fun stories or ideas!

Love, Anne

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