Let’s be honest, it’s the bit you’ve probably thought about most – the party!

Here’s a quick checklist of 10 things to consider for your reception.

Prepare yourself for the onslaught of questions, I’ve broken them down in to smaller questions to give you more guidance, and to make it easier on the eyes! There are so many things to think about, if you want to have a quick chat or need any help, feel free to get in touch – I’m always happy to help.

1. Food

  • What kind of meal are you having?

  • How much food are you giving your guests and at what times?

  • Are you using an independent caterer?

  • Are you bringing your own food for dessert tables etc.?

  • Will it be a plated meal, a buffet or family style?

2. Drink

  • What are you providing?

  • Is it supplied by the venue?

  • Is there an open bar?

  • Will you be putting bottles of wine on tables or will everybody be buying their own drinks?

3. Cake

  • Are you having a wedding cake?

  • Will you be cutting it, and at what time?

  • Or are you having cupcakes, doughnuts or cookies etc., how will these be displayed?

4. First Dance

  • Are you doing a first dance?

  • Have you picked a song and let the DJ/venue know the time you’ll be doing it?

  • Do you want to do it before or after the meal?

5. Music

  • Have you chosen a band, DJ, or something else?

  • How long will they be performing for?

  • Do you have any specific requests?

6. Speeches

  • Who, if anyone, is doing a speech?

  • Think about how many people will be doing them and the time they will take.

  • Do you want them to take place in-between courses, after dessert or during dessert?

7. Décor

  • How much décor do you want?

  • What look and feel are you going for and how are you going to achieve it?

  • Do you need to/can you go to the venue the day before to set everything up?

8. Seating

  • How will your guests be seated?

  • Round tables, long tables, relaxed seating, square tables?

9. Seating chart

  • Do you want guests to be seated in specific seats?

  • How are you going to display your seating chart?

  • Or do you want them to be on certain tables but not specific seats?

  • Or no seating chart at all!

10. Flow

  • How do you want to reception to flow?

  • Think about which elements are most important to you and how you want it all to fit together.

  • If you’re struggling with timings, work out what time you want to leave and work backwards!

Remember to enjoy it!!

As always, I’m down for a chat so if you’ve got any questions let me know!

You don’t want to be thinking about all the little details on the day so maybe consider hiring a Day of Coordinator to take it all off your hands. Get in touch, no strings attached, to have a chat about whether this might be something for you.

Love, Anne

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